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How Virtual Support helps my local clients’

Local Virtual Support

August is the month for family holidays, relaxing and forgetting your business. Your children are off school, the sun is shining and you are in desperate need of a holiday. It’s time to forget work and let loose. Sounds great doesn’t it? But, when you’re a Sole Trader how does your business survive? Time off from your business doesn’t work, without Virtual Support.

Holidays aren’t great when you’re a Sole Trader

While you’re away sunning yourself on a beach and enjoying down-time. Your Sole Trader business is suffering at home.

Telephone calls go unanswered, as do emails.

Your potential customers don’t want to hear that you are away until the ’12th of someday’ in a voice message, or an out of office? They may not have an urgent job request, but they want and need a same day response.

My clients’ get just that, with my local virtual support.

My clients enjoy their holiday away from their businesses and start back refreshed and business ready:

  • No phone calls to reply to
  • No appointments to arrange
  • Clear email inbox
  • Bookkeeping up to date
  • And a Full diary of work bookings

They benefit from their holiday with my Virtual Support and you can too. Contact me and we can discuss how we can work together.

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