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Hiring Freelance Contractors

Hiring Freelance Contractors Instead of Employees

Increased demand on you and your employees often means hiring new staff, or does it? Instead of hiring new full or part-time staff, focus on growing your business by recognising the value of hiring freelance contractors. As an example most Virtual PAs do not just offer secretarial work and admin skills. They often have a wide range of business experience related to the role, from social media, managing client relationships, to basic creative or marketing skills. Perfect for when you need that “second set of eyes” or someone to go the extra mile.

Here are the top three reasons to hire freelance contractors

Financial Savings

Yes, when you hire a freelance contractor the hourly rate may be higher, but in the long run the savings will add up quickly. You will not be responsible for PAYE and National Insurance. Holiday pay, sickness benefits or training. You don’t even have to offer Employee Benefits to entice a new member of staff to your company. The freelance contractor takes care of everything.

The Contract is clearly defined

With a freelance contractor, if they do not perform as per the terms of the contract you both signed, you can fire them immediately. With an employee, the reasons for firing concerning work productivity can be in a grey area. It is your responsibility to prove that their firing was not unjust.

Efficiency and productivity is key

Freelance contractors can fill in the gaps as your current employees continue to handle their current workloads. Or fill an area within your business which no other member of staff has expertise in. When you hire a contractor to do a job that is not going to be an ongoing position, you do not have to worry about firing or replacing them. If the contractor hasn’t matched up to expectations, you can ditch them and look for another freelance contractor. At the same time the freelance contractor knows that they could be replaced at any time so make sure that their efficiency and productivity is continuously unmatchable.

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