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Covid-19 Homeworking – Routine is the Key

Covid-19 is already having an unprecedented effect on working life

Many large companies the world over are closing their offices and directing their employees to work from home, which is alien to many. I’ve been successfully and happily working from home for seven years.

Here are my tips for employees new to homeworking:

Routine is Key when Homeworking

Keep structure to your day, with a regular routine – Set your alarm clock at the usual time and make sure you are at your desk at a set time every day. You’ll soon find that if you stick to a regular structured plan it will become second nature.

Designate a Workspace

Working in this designated space sends a clear signal to your brain that it’s time to focus. Make sure to stay away from your designated workspace when you’re not working.

Take effective breaks

Force yourself to work in short bursts – set a timer for say 45 minutes. Concentrate solely on that piece of work during that time. No Facebook, no cups of tea, no procrastination at all. Then take a good long break from work at lunchtime, when you leave your work space, eat and relax. If you’re new to homeworking try the Pomodoro Technique

Communicate with colleagues

Use online virtual video such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Make sure to check in with each other daily to keep moral and spirits high.

Have a clear end to your working day

Just as you need to switch into work mode in the morning, you need to turn your mind off and relax in the evening. When your working day is done, do something that marks a clear change. Turn off your laptop or PC. Go for a walk, then get your PJ’s on and do anything to take your mind off work.

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